me when i cum


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Exclusive First Look: Laverne Cox in V magazine’s “Rebels” issue:

“A lot of my life has been about me charting my own space for myself, creating a space for myself to survive. Now I’m trying to reframe my experiences. I’m not just in survival mode anymore. I’m in a space where I can thrive.”

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“Laverne stands up for what she believes in and does so with grace and humility. She is one of a kind: a game changer and a maverick who not only expands closed minds but educates them. She is the living embodiment of what she believes in, and the inevitable fallout of that is she inspires others to tell their own truths.”

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Not bringing any political mess in and who supports who and so on. I’m sure most people are well aware of the situation in Pakistan right now. Posting this purely on the bases of humanity, to ask for prayers for those who have their lives in danger right now. Being in power in whatever way does not provide you a licence to kill people. It’s disgusting how Politics run in our country. May god protect Pakistan!

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are we gonna fuckn hold hands tonight or what bitch

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Sebastian Stan trying to be intimidating (x)

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Prince Carl Philip arrived in Turku, on Aura River, on Friday afternoon. He is on a Swedish ship: the HMS Carlskrona, and has a position as a Headquarter in the Swedish-Finnish staff of 35 people, which leads and coordinates the activities of about 30 subordinate vessels. - 29 August 2014

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Anyone else unreasonably excited for all this?

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